The GAF runtime for the StageXL library.

Use the GAF converter to convert Adobe Flash animations to the GAF-format,
learn more about it here:

NOTE: as of version 0.3.0-dev, StageXL_GAF requires a Dart 2 SDK.

Best solution to improve your workflow

  • GAF greatly reduces the number of steps in game development workflow.
  • Play any Flash 2D animation (explosions, cutscenes, characters, etc).
  • No special pre-preparation needed to convert your Flash 2D animations.

High performance even on low-end hardware

  • High FPS by pre-rendering vector assets to texture atlases.
  • Minimized draw-calls by using StageXLs rendering API.
  • Built in support for HiDPI displays and textures.


Skeleton (
Slot Machine (
Ufo Monster (
Named Parts (
Sequences (
Gun Swap (
Fireman (
Rocket (
Sound (


The GAF runtime for StageXL is based on the official AS3 runtime.
The source code was greatly refactored for best performance and simplicity.