VideoLoadOptions class

The VideoLoadOptions class contains different options to configure how videos are loaded from the server.

The Video.defaultLoadOptions object is the default for all loading operations if no VideoLoadOptions are provided to the Video.load function.




alternativeUrls List<String>
A list of alternative urls for video files in the case where the primary url does not work or the file type is not supported by the browser. If this value is null, the alternative urls are calcualted automatically based on the mp3, mp4, ogg, ac3 and wav properties.
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corsEnabled bool
Use CORS to download the video. This is often necessary when you have to download video from a third party server.
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hashCode int
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read-only, inherited
loadData bool
Do not stream the video but download the video file as a whole. A DataUrl string will be used for the VideoElement source.
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mp4 bool
The application provides mp4 files as an option to load video files.
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ogg bool
The application provides ogg files as an option to load video files.
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runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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webm bool
The application provides webm files as an option to load video files.
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clone() VideoLoadOptions
Create a deep clone of this VideoLoadOptions.
getOptimalVideoUrls(String primaryUrl) List<String>
Determine which video files is the most likely to play smoothly, based on the supported types and formats available.
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toString() String
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