setTransform method

void setTransform(
  1. num x,
  2. num y,
  3. [num scaleX,
  4. num scaleY,
  5. num rotation,
  6. num skewX,
  7. num skewY,
  8. num pivotX,
  9. num pivotY]

Sets transformation properties.

This method exists only for compatibility reasons to the 'Toolkit for Dart' (a Dart/StageXL code generator for Adobe Flash Professional).

It's recommended that you use the setters of x, y, scaleX, etc. directly instead of calling this method.


void setTransform(num x, num y,
    [num scaleX,
    num scaleY,
    num rotation,
    num skewX,
    num skewY,
    num pivotX,
    num pivotY]) {
  if (x is num) _x = x;
  if (y is num) _y = y;
  if (scaleX is num) _scaleX = scaleX;
  if (scaleY is num) _scaleY = scaleY;
  if (rotation is num) _rotation = rotation;
  if (skewX is num) _skewX = skewX;
  if (skewY is num) _skewY = skewY;
  if (pivotX is num) _pivotX = pivotX;
  if (pivotY is num) _pivotY = pivotY;
  _transformationMatrixRefresh = true;