This packages allows navigation with a history foreach item in the bottomnavigation bar.

Use case

I want to have a simple Navigation like the one used in Instagram. Meaning as a user I have a stack of Widgets for each Navigation Item. Lets say I have a Navigationbar with 3 items (A,B,C). The following picture depicts the stacks on an arbitrary state:


Currently the B Item is selected in the Navbar. Therefore, the current visible Widget is xb3! If I click the Navbar Item A now, the current Widget changes to x2a as shown in the following picture:


I can add another Widget on top of the current stack by a "simple push":


As you can see, the visible widget is now xa3 and xa3 got pushed on the A stack. If I am in the A stack and click the navbar item A again, then the current stack gets popped until A appears, leading to this configuration: