open method Null safety

Database open(
  1. String filename,
  2. {String? vfs,
  3. OpenMode mode = OpenMode.readWriteCreate,
  4. bool uri = false,
  5. bool? mutex}

Opens a database file.

The vfs option can be used to set the appropriate virtual file system implementation. When null, the default file system will be used.

If uri is enabled (defaults to false), the filename will be interpreted as an uri as according to

If the mutex parameter is set to true, the SQLITE_OPEN_FULLMUTEX flag will be set. If it's set to false, SQLITE_OPEN_NOMUTEX will be enabled. By default, neither parameter will be set.


Database open(
  String filename, {
  String? vfs,
  OpenMode mode = OpenMode.readWriteCreate,
  bool uri = false,
  bool? mutex,
}) {
    vfs: vfs,
    mode: mode,
    uri: uri,