insertManageConflict method

Future<int> insertManageConflict(
  1. {@required String table,
  2. @required ConflictAlgorithm conflictAlgorithm,
  3. @required Map<String, dynamic> row,
  4. bool verbose = false}

Insert a row in a table with conflict algorithm

table the table to insert into. row is a map of the data to insert

Returns a future with the last inserted id


Future<int> insertManageConflict(
    {@required String table,
    @required ConflictAlgorithm conflictAlgorithm,
    @required Map<String, dynamic> row,
    bool verbose = false}) async {
  int id;
  try {
    if (!_isReady) {
      throw DatabaseNotReady();
    await _db.transaction((txn) async {
      id = await txn.insert(table, row, conflictAlgorithm: conflictAlgorithm);
  } catch (e) {
    throw WriteQueryException("Can not insert in table $table: $e");
  return id;