Spotify Plugin for android

A new Flutter plugin.

A new Flutter plugin.Spotidy Sdk which handles authorization as well as playing playlist of your choice free.

Getting Started

2 step Configurations

1 . Get client id

This project is a starting point for a Flutter Just go to the spotify developers site login and register your application. plug-in package, You just need to follow and prepare your environment from Quick Start . a specialized package that includes platform-specific implementation code for Android

How to register

Set redirect uri as spotify-sdk://auth and app name as your app nameand android section package name and debug,release fingerprint in registration. Your registreation is complete. you will be provided with client id.

2. Import them as module

1 . Download this 2 folder spotify_auth and spotify_app_remote

after click on above folder-name(links) new page opens click > ' Download All ' and unzip them as spotify-auth and spotify-app-remote respectively.

and just move them in your <project-name>/android folder

2 . Now in your settings.gradle make sure you add

      include 'spotify_auth'
      inlcude 'spotify_app_remote'

Done ! , You are ready to create Awesome apps

Initialize Spotifire

      await Spotifire.init(clientid: "Your client id");

Connect Remote

      await Spotifire.connectRemote.then(print);

Play a playlist

 if (await Spotifire.isRemoteConnected)
              await Spotifire.playPlaylist(
                  playlistUri: "spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DX3rxVfibe1L0");

Disconnect remote

 if (await Spotifire.isRemoteConnected) await Spotifire.disconnectRemote;


  await Spotifire.playPlaylist(
                  playlistUri: "spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DX3rxVfibe1L0");

You can get playlistUrl from spotify App and convert it easily with Spotifire's getSpotifyUri method passing it the url and directly play it.without specifically getting the uris from dekstop app.

directly get uri from mobile

  await Spotifire.playPlaylist(
                  playlistUri: Spotifire.getSpotifyUri(spotify_url));


                await Spotifire.pauseMusic ;


                await Spotifire.resumeMusic;

skip previous

                await Spotifire.skipPrevious;

skip next

                await Spotifire.skipNext;


   await Spotifire.seekTo(Duration position);

Listen to music stream

  Spotifire.musicStream.listen((music) {
      // print("Music" + music.runtimeType.toString());
      if (mounted && music is Music)
        setState(() {
          _music = music;
    }).onError((error) {

Position Stream