callByRequest method

Future<ActionCallResponse> callByRequest (ActionCallRequest request, { ActionMeta actionMeta, bool allowFetchMetadata: true, SpongeRequestContext context })

Sends the call request to the server and returns the response.

Marshals the arguments and unmarshals the result using a best effort strategy, i.e. when a metadata is defined.

If the action metadata actionMeta is not null, it will be used for marshalling and unmarshalling. If the actionMeta is null, this method may fetch the action metadata from the server if the action metadata cache is turned off or is not populated.

If allowFetchMetadata is true (the default value), the action metadata (if null) may be fetched from the server by sending an additional request. If allowFetchMetadata is false and the action metadata is null or is not in the cache, the marshalling of arguments and unmarshalling of the result will be suppressed.


Future<ActionCallResponse> callByRequest(ActionCallRequest request,
        {ActionMeta actionMeta,
        bool allowFetchMetadata = true,
        SpongeRequestContext context}) async =>
    await _doCallByRequest(
        actionMeta ??
            await getActionMeta(,
                allowFetchMetadata: allowFetchMetadata),