GradientAnimation enum Null safety

Defines the options for a variety of transformations to apply to a Gradient in the process of making it an AnimatedGradient.

These GradientAnimation choices are mapped to an appropriate value to describe how the gradient will be modified.

colorArithmetic maps to a ColorArithmetic function and stopsArithmetic maps to a StopsArithmetic function.

tweenSpec maps not to a function, but to a Map<GradientProperty, Tween<dynamic>> that describes an embarrassment of riches for GradientProperty tweening.


colorArithmetic → const GradientAnimation

GradientAnimation.colorArithmetic implies a ColorArithmetic will be mapped.

const GradientAnimation(0)
none → const GradientAnimation

GradientAnimation.none implies no animation should occur.

Mapping this value to any other value (such as {GradientAnimation.none: null}) within an AnimatedGradient.storyboard will disable all animation transformations.

const GradientAnimation(3)
stopsArithmetic → const GradientAnimation

GradientAnimation.stopsArithmetic implies a StopsArithmetic will be mapped.

const GradientAnimation(1)
tweenSpec → const GradientAnimation

GradientAnimation.tweenSpec implies a Map<GradientProperty, Tween<dynamic>> will be mapped.

const GradientAnimation(2)
values → const List<GradientAnimation>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<GradientAnimation>


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