SortedMap<K extends Comparable, V>.fromIterables constructor Null safety

SortedMap<K extends Comparable, V>.fromIterables(
  1. Iterable<K> keys,
  2. Iterable<V> values,
  3. [Ordering ordering = const Ordering.byKey()]

Creates a SortedMap associating the given keys to values.

This constructor iterates over keys and values and maps each element of keys to the corresponding element of values.

If keys contains the same object multiple times, the last occurrence overwrites the previous value.

It is an error if the two Iterables don't have the same length.


factory SortedMap.fromIterables(Iterable<K> keys, Iterable<V> values,
    [Ordering ordering = const Ordering.byKey()]) {
  var map = SortedMap<K, V>(ordering);
  var keyIterator = keys.iterator;
  var valueIterator = values.iterator;

  var hasNextKey = keyIterator.moveNext();
  var hasNextValue = valueIterator.moveNext();

  while (hasNextKey && hasNextValue) {
    map[keyIterator.current] = valueIterator.current;
    hasNextKey = keyIterator.moveNext();
    hasNextValue = valueIterator.moveNext();

  if (hasNextKey || hasNextValue) {
    throw ArgumentError('Iterables do not have same length.');
  return map;