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SodaDB is a lightweight and simple to use object-oriented storage for Dart and Flutter applications, with type-safe access on entities.

Written in pure Dart with no third party dependencies.


Define entity classes and type adapters

Define your entity classes using SodaDB's SodaEntity mixin. Provide TypeAdapters for the necessary de-/serializer methods, which might be written by hand or generated by frameworks like json_serializable.

class User with SodaEntity {
  String firstName;
  String lastName;

  User(this.firstName, this.lastName);

  User.fromMap(Map<String, dynamic> map) {
    firstName = map['firstName'];
    lastName = map['name'];

  Map<String, Object> toJson() {
    return {
      'firstName': firstName,
      'lastName': lastName,

class UserAdapter extends TypeAdapter<User> {
  // Provide a serialized version of your entity.
  // A convenient way would be to use JSON.
  String serialize(User entity) {
    return jsonEncode(entity);

  // Deserialize your entity from the String
  // generated by serialize(User entity).
  User deserialize(String data) {
    return User.fromMap(jsonDecode(data));

Use storage and repositories

Storage is designed as singleton and can be accessed by the global 'storage' variable. Repositories are used to organize entity types.

void main() async {
  // Register adapter for type 'User'.

  // Open/create storage in path './example'.
  await storage.open('./example');

  // Create a user instance.
  var john = User('John', 'McClaine');

  // Obtain repository 'users' from storage.
  // Provide type information to the get method or explicitly
  // type the users variable to help the compiler determine the correct type.
  var users = storage.get<User>('users');

  // Save user john to repository.
  await users.put(john);

  // Auto created ID for new entities.
  print(john.id); // prints '0'

  // Update existing entity.
  john.lastName = 'McClane';
  await users.put(john);

  // Read existing entities.
  var user = await users.get(0);

  // Remove user from repository.
  await users.remove(user);

  // Close storage before the application finishes
  // to ensure all operations get finished.
  await storage.close();

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.