pub package

A Flutter plugin to authenticate to social networks. This package is forked from to fix dependency problem quickly. All functionalities are the same as the original package.


To use this plugin, add social_login as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


// Import package
import 'package:social_login/social_login.dart';

// Instantiate it
 final socialLogin = SocialLogin();

//Before calling any methods, set the configuration
      facebookAppId: FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
      googleWebClientId: GOOGLE_WEB_CLIENT_ID, /*In case a Google tokenId is needed*/
      twitterConsumer: TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,
      twitterSecret: TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET,

// Get current logged user
 final FacebookUser facebookUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentFacebookUser();
 final GoogleUser googleUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentGoogleUser();
 final TwitterUser twitterUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentTwitterUser();

//Log in social networks
 final FacebookUser facebookUser = await socialLogin.logInFacebookWithPermissions(FacebookPermissions.DEFAULT);
 final GoogleUser googleUser = await socialLogin.logInGoogle();
 final TwitterUser twitterUser = await socialLogin.logInTwitter();

//Log out from social networks
 await socialLogin.logOutFacebook();
 await socialLogin.logOutGoogle();
 await socialLogin.logOutTwitter();