SMS Alert

SMS Alert Dart package for sending transactional/promotional SMS, through your Dart and Flutter applications. Easy to integrate, just write 2 lines of code to send SMS.

To send SMS you need an account on SMS Alert, if you do not have an account, signup for a free demo account, to test the service, then after you can purchase credits to use it in your application.


  • Send SMS programmatically
  • Use all SMS Alert API services in your Dart/Flutter projects
  • Send SMS, Schedule SMS, Send bulk SMS to group and many more functions to use

Getting Started

Check out the Example provided with this package.

To use this package :

  • add the dependency to your pubspec.yaml file.
  smsalert: ^0.1.3

How to use

Create an authenticated SMS Alert instance

SMSAlert object = new SMSAlert(_user, _pwd); 

Add your SMS Alert account username and password


Send SMS

Map message = await object.messages.sendsms({
    'text': 'Hello from Dart!', //SMS text
    'sender': 'CVDEMO', // a valid sender ID
    'mobileno': '+918010551055', // your destination phone number
    'route': 'demo' //to select route

Schedule SMS

Map message = await object.messages.schedulesms({
    'text': 'Hello from Dart!', //SMS text
    'sender': 'CVDEMO', // a valid sender ID
    'mobilno': '+918010551055', // your destination phone number
    'schedule': '2021-07-10 12:00:02' //schedule your messages(YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS);

View SenderID List

Map senderID = await object.messages.senderlist();//function call
print(senderID);//prints your SenderID list

View Credits balance

Map Credits = await object.messages.creditstatus();//function call
print(Credits);//prints your SMS Alert credit balance

To call any API function

Map call = await object.messages.callapi(action_name, data);//function call
print(call);//prints the API response
  1. action_name = 'API_url_endpoint' ; (eg.push,creditstatus,contactlist,etc)
  2. var data = {
    'sender': 'CVDEMO', 'mobileno': '918010551055',
    'text': 'Hello from Dart!', 'route':'demo' };

Useful articles

Check out our comprehensive API documentation for more information about our API implementation.

Contact us

You can contact us at


This SMS Alert Dart package is developed by SMS Alert.