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Inspired from IPSO (now part of OMA SpecWorks), Smart Objects are are meant to encapsulate capabilities of intelligent products in the field of IoT, but not only.

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Contribution guidelines

Definition of Done


All user facing features from the public domain must be described in a BDD style *.feature file

UML specification

Components, Activities, States need to be described using PlantUML standard and placed in a *.puml file in uml directory. Generate class diagram of the complete package:


Code generation

Generate code from *.proto files

Static code analysis

Work by default when writing code due to analysis_options.yaml For explicit analysis eg. during a build process, use:

dart analyze


. --show

Test results

All tests must pass, including the new ones for the PR and existing ones

Test coverage

Maintain or improve coverage when submitting PRs

. --show


A commit that bump the version of the library can be done with pubver Install pubspec_version with pub global activate pubspec_version then commit

git commit -m "... Release $(pubver bump breaking|minor|patch|build)"


SmartObject Registry from Open Mobile Alliance is defined in defs.json Custom Smart Object definitions need to be loaded in defs-custom.json