Smart Arrays Numerics

What the package can do for you

  • Creating a matrix / diagonal matrix / cloning matrix.
  • Various numeric operations with matrices and vectors such as summation, multiplication, comparison.
  • Inverting and transposing a matrix.

The major API functionalities

  • Available in the class Numerics.

Detailed API

Please view the detailed API documentation in the API reference of this package (sidebar at the right of this page).

Using this package

You need Dart 2.0 or later.

Import the package using:

  • import 'package:smart_arrays_numerics/smart_arrays_numerics.dart';

smart_arrays_base: Basic functions for 1D and 2D arrays

smart_arrays_compress: Compress 1D and 2D arrays to a smaller size.

smart_arrays_sample_data: Computes 1D and 2D arrays containing sample data.

smart_arrays_dbstore: Store 1D and 2D arrays along with metadata on the local device.

smart_arrays_peaks: Detect peaks in 1D and 2D arrays.

smart_arrays_contour_finder: Contours the three-dimensional surface represented by the values f(x,y) of a matrix.

smart_arrays_plot_polyline: Plot 1D arrays as polyline along with axes and more.

smart_arrays_lmfit: Fits (x, y) data given as arrays to a specified model function using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.

smart_lorentz-gauss: Compute Lorentz-Gauss (pseudo-Voigt) line shapes.

smart_signal_processing: Fourier transform and more.

smart_dialogs: Easy-to-use dialogs in Web applications