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Animated List to Sliver

AnimatedList uses a pattern we know is bad: it provides the scroll view. This package combine AnimatedList with a Sliver.



Add sliver_animated_list to your pubspec:

  sliver_animated_list: ^1.0.0
        // Center is a layout widget. It takes a single child and positions it
        // in the middle of the parent.
        child: CustomScrollView(
          // Column is also layout widget. It takes a list of children and
          // arranges them vertically. By default, it sizes itself to fit its
          // children horizontally, and tries to be as tall as its parent.
          // Invoke "debug painting" (press "p" in the console, choose the
          // "Toggle Debug Paint" action from the Flutter Inspector in Android
          // Studio, or the "Toggle Debug Paint" command in Visual Studio Code)
          // to see the wireframe for each widget.
          // Column has various properties to control how it sizes itself and
          // how it positions its children. Here we use mainAxisAlignment to
          // center the children vertically; the main axis here is the vertical
          // axis because Columns are vertical (the cross axis would be
          // horizontal).
          slivers: <Widget>[
              key: _listKey,
              initialItemCount: _list.length,
              itemBuilder: _buildItem,
              delegate: SliverChildBuilderDelegate(
                (BuildContext context, int i) {
                  return Container(
                    height: 100,
                    child: Text('SliverListTile : $i'),
                childCount: 3,

See the example/ folder for a working example app.