Sliding Card


Sliding card is a highly customizable flutter package that will help you create beautiful Cards with a sliding animation effect.

Before we start

Before you start here are some relevant link that you might want to have a look

Quick start

To use the application just import the package

import 'package:sliding_card/sliding_card.dart';

Then inside your code, add the SlidingCard widget.

        slimeCardElevation: 0.5,
        cardsGap: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical,
        //The controller is necessary to animate the opening and closing of the card
        controller: widget.slidingCardController,
        slidingCardWidth: SizeConfig.horizontalBloc * 90,
        visibleCardHeight: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical * 27,
        //the card behind the front card can't have a higher
        // hight than the front one  
        hiddenCardHeight: SizeConfig.safeBlockVertical * 15,
        //Configure your front card here
        frontCardWidget: TheFrontCard(),
        //configure your rear card here 


Thank you for using my package, If you did find any bug please feel free to report it or make a pull request. If you want to contact me directly, please DM me directly on My instagram account, or you can mail me directly. For my other packages you can visit my website at