Slider with gradient background




valueintDefault valueSlider default minimum
valuesListisRange = true, values must be passed as a valid value and cannot be empty-
isRangeboolwhether to use the rangefalse
minintSlider minimum0
maxintSlider maximum100
isShowLabelboolShow the label on the sliderfalse
labelStringLabel displays data. It is valid only when "isShowlabel" is true.null
isGradientBgboolWhether the background color of the background slider is a gradient.true
onChangeSliderChangeCallbackA custom callback function that triggers as long as the slider movesnull
onChangeEndSliderChangeCallbackA Custom callback function triggered by slider stop movementnull
onChangeBeginSliderChangeCallbackA Custom callback function triggered by slider start movementnull
colorsList< Color >Slider background gradient from left to right´╝îWhen isgradientbg = true, it is the gradient color array. When isgradientbg = false, when it is not set, the main color of the slider is the current theme color of the system, and the auxiliary color is white. When colors is set, the main color is the first in the array and the auxiliary color is the lastThere are two colors by default, the first app is the main color, and the second is white
labelStyleLabelStyleCustom label stylethis
sliderStyleSliderStyleslider label stylethis
thumbStyleThumbStylethumb label stylethis