A simple password input field with slide lock animation.


hashedPassword - Correct hashed password value to trigger the sliding animation

hashMethod - Hashed method using for the password. Options available: HashMethod.PlainText/ HashMethod.SHA1/ HashMethod.SHA224/ HashMethod.SHA256/ HashMethod.SHA384/ HashMethod.SHA512/ HashMethod.MD5/ HashMethod.HMACMD5/ HashMethod.HMACSHA1/ HashMethod.HMACSHA256

hashKey - (Optional) Hash key in use if using HashMethod.HMACMD5/ HashMethod.HMACSHA1/ HashMethod.HMACSHA256

controller - Text Editing Controller for textfield

onUnlock - Function handler when unlocked

color - Color of the input field

width - (Optional) the total width of the widget. Default to 250, require > 0

height - (Optional) the height of the widget. Default to 40, require > 0

placeholder - (Optional) placeholder in the textfield. Default to an empty string.

Getting Started

Add the plugin:

        slide_animated_password_lock: ^1.0.0

Basic Usage

  hashedPassword: _hashedPassword,
  hashMethod: HashMethod.MD5,
  controller: _textFieldController,
  color: Theme.of(context).primaryColor,
  placeholder: "HELLO WORLD",
  onUnlock: (_unlocked){
    if (_unlocked){
      setState(()=>_msg = "Unlocked!");
      setState(()=>_msg = "Please unlock!");