This plugin provides client way to interconnect flutter app.

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Lets take a look at how to use SlerverIO to connect two Flutter app for data sharing on both Android and iOS.

Create the client that we will use to connect.

SlerverIO client;

Initilialize response from flutter Server App.

initClient ( ) async {
 client = await SlerverIO.connect('', 9000, autoReconnect: true);

Now we add response triggers by using SlerverIORedirectRoute from SlerverIO

onResponse ( ) {
 var io = client.router;
   ..on('/name', (Map<String, dynamic> params) {
   ..on('/surname', (List params) {
    print('${params.first} => ${params.last}');
   ..on('connect', () {
    print('Connected successfully');

Now lets define function uses to send data to server

writeSomething() {
         'path': '/register',
         'params': {'name': 'Bakop', 'surname': 'Champlain'}
         'path': '/findAll',
         'params': ['Champlain', 'Manuel', 'Cabrel', 'Jordan']


The Slerver_io library, is a class set that achieves the single goal of how to use a single phone in a wireless smartphone network to centralize data and send it to the server. We have adopted a sockets-based approach to this problem, keeping in mind that the developer must be familiar with the proposed syntax, hence the routes. The implementation of this solution uses 3 classes