SkyMobile API is the API that was taken from the original SkyMobile app.

SkyMobile API allows easy Skyward access for developers.

Quick Start Guide

To start, you must have already included skyscrapeapi in your pubspec.yaml file.

Next, you must import the following.

    import 'package:skyscrapeapi/skyscrape.dart';
    import 'package:skyscrapeapi/data_types.dart';

Some of the most important methods you need to know are listed below.

  • getSkywardAuthenticationCodes
  • getGradeBookTerms
  • getGradeBookGrades
  • getAssignmentsFromGradeBox
  • getAssignmentInfoFromAssignment
  • getHistory

These are essential functions that will navigate through Skyward and return SkyScrapeAPI types.

An example of all this code would be located here.

More information can be provided by the documentation generated by flutter.

If you find a bug or have any questions, please contact me at my email: