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A mobile-first widget to help us build a responsive app across mobile, tablet, and desktop with ease. Unlike the CSS 12 grid system, The design of simply_responsive is based on 3-columns design of a desktop website. This has an advantage of being simpler to use than the CSS 12 grid system, at the cost of reduced possible flexibilities. I try to make this library as tested as possible.

And, since it's responsive, it'll be no need for you to lock the orientation of your app to portrait only!

Upcoming Timeline

  • Simply Responsive Navigation Column
  • Simply Responsive Right Column and App Bar (auto show drawer & endDrawer)

Getting Started

There are 3 kind of screen sizes breakpoints with different configuration:

  1. < 600px: Mobile Screen
  • Only center column
  1. < 768px: Tablet Screen
  • All possible mobile screen configuration
  • Left and center column
  • Center and right column
  • Left and right column
  1. >=768px: Desktop
  • All possible tablet screen configuration
  • All 3 columns (left, center, right)

How to Use

  leftChild: ListView(
    children: [
      Text('Sign Out'),
  centerChild: ListView(
    children: [
      Text('Lorem Ipsum'),
      Text('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet')
  rightChild: ListView(
    children: [
      Text('Tap to like')
      Text('Tap to dislike')

Each leftChild, centerChild, and rightChild will always have finite width.

For more info, you can read the dart doc I wrote directly in the library code.