Simple RSA Encryption

Flutter plugin to encrypt, decrypt (RSA/ECB/PCSK1), verify and sign string with a public and a private key

Support for ANDROID and iOS(thanks to adlanarifzr)


To use the plugin, add simple_rsa as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


First, initialize private and public key. Preferably in BASE64 format.

final publicKey = '...';
final privateKey = '...';

After that, you can encrypt or decyrpt text

let plainText = 'something';
final encryptedText = await encryptString(plainText, utf8.decode(base64.decode(publicKey)));
final decryptedText = await decryptString(encryptedText, utf8.decode(base64.decode(privateKey)));

// Test
print(plainText == decryptedText ? 'true' : 'false');

Or you might want to sign and verify text

let plainText = 'something';
final signedText = await signString(plainText, utf8.decode(base64.decode(privateKey)));
final verified = await verifyString(plainText, signedText, utf8.decode(base64.decode(publicKey)));

// Test
print(verified ? 'true' : 'false');


See the example application source for a complete sample app using the Simple RSA encryption.


Adlan Arif Zakaria (adlanarifzr) iOS compatibility, sign and verify method.