Simple Flutter Compass for accessing device's current heading (like a compass) using its magnetometer.

How to use :

- Import the plugin
- create an instance of SimpleFlutterCompass()
- create a listener and set it to the new instance
- call check() to see if device supports or has the hardware needed
- call listen() to start listening for heading changes
- call stopListen() when you're done

Getting Started

Import Plugin

import 'package:simple_flutter_compass/simple_flutter_compass.dart';

Create Instance

SimpleFlutterCompass _simpleFlutterCompass = SimpleFlutterCompass();

Check if hardware exists and set a listener

_simpleFlutterCompass.check().then((result) {
    if (result) {
    } else {
        print("Hardware not available");

void _streamListener(double currentHeading) {
    setState(() {
      //we set the new heading value to our _compas variable to display on screen
      _compas = currentHeading;

Start listening


Stop listening