A Flutter package that helps with prototyping.


Helps with framing user interfaces. For example:

RandomColorBlock is a Container that paints itself with a random color. This way a developer can quickly frame out a user interface with regard to positioning and sizing without worrying about the final Widgets.


Various layout Widgets and tools that are not available in the Flutter framework.

For example:

CenterAbout positions a child Widget such that the child is centered at the given Offset. It needs to be used in a Stack.

OverlayBuilder displays a built Widget in the app's Overlay.

AnchoredOverlay is similar to OverlayBuilder except that it also provides an anchor Offset that is calculated to be at the center of the AnchoredOverlay. This allows you to easily stick Widgets on top of other Widgets. For example: popovers.


Radial Drag Gesture Detector

Detect dragging motion with polar coordinates using RadialDragGestureDetector in fluttery:gestures. It's a gesture detector that reports like a dial about the center of the child Widget.



Fine-tune your multi-phase animations with an AnimationPlayer. An AnimationPlayer provides controls to play Phases forward and backward at a speed of your choice. This helps a developer carefully craft the correct effect in the animation.


Animation tools that are not provided by the Flutter SDK
Gesture tools that are not provided by the Flutter SDK