Get sharepoint access token package to access SHAREPOINT REST API.

Sharepoint Access Token

A Flutter sharepoint_auth package for performing authentication to retrieve access token for accessing SHAREPOINT REST API by using OAuth2 v2.0 endpoint. Forked from Earlybyte.aad_oauth AAD Package.


For using this library you have to create an azure app at the Azure App registration portal. Use native app as plattform type.

Register App on Sharepoint Site by using :

Afterwards you have to initialize the library as follow:

 final SharepointConfig config = new SharepointConfig(
      "Sharepoint Client Id",
      "Sharepoint Client Secret",
      "Sharepoint Resource",
      "Sharepoint Site",
      "Your Tenant Id",);
    final Sharepointauth sharepointauth = new Sharepointauth(config);

This allows you to pass in Client Id, Client Secret, Sharepoint Resource, Sharepoint Site and Tenant Id.

Then once you have an Sharepointauth instance, you can call login() and afterwards getAccessToken() to retrieve an access token:

await sharepointauth.login();
String accessToken = await sharepointauth.getAccessToken();

You can also call getAccessToken() directly. It will automatically login and retrive an access token.

Tokens are cached in memory. to destroy the tokens you can call logout():

Tokens have expire offset of 1800 secs:

await sharepointauth.logout();

💻 Installation

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml dependencies:

  sharepoint_auth: "^0.1.0"

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