A Flutter plugin for getting share options and share text / files over them .

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Get sharing options which can receive texts only :-

Future<List<ShareOption>> get getTextShareOptions async => await ShareOptions.getTextShareOptions("text",subject: "subject");

Get sharing options which can receive files :-

Future<List<ShareOption>> get getFileShareOptions async =>
await ShareOptions.getFilesShareOptions(['path1', 'path2'], text: 'text',subject: 'subject');

Finally for share :-

void share()async{
// this method is declared above 
final shareOptions =await getFileShareOptions;
await shareOptions[0].share();


Maybe you are wondering now :-

Why you made shared content passes when getting share options ??

  • to get share options which support and compatible with shared content; some apps maybe doesn't support file sharing , some formats of files or multiple files share and so on .

Example app will produce :-

alt text

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