A library for building REST APIs easily with Dart modeled after Express JS for Node Js.

The library is still a work in progress and open to contribution.

Created with StageHand - license.


Our inspiration is the simplicity of express js 👏.


A simple usage example:

import 'package:sevr/sevr.dart';

main() {
  var serv = Sevr();

  //first notify **sevr** of your directory of static files

  //create controller,middleware classes etc, put them in a list and pass them into the router methods

  //serve files from the port
  serv.get('/file', [
    (ServRequest req, ServResponse res) {
      return res.status(200).sendFile(p.absolute('web/index.html'));

  // get request that returns json
  serv.get('/test', [
    (ServRequest req, ServResponse res) {
      return res.status(200).json({'status': 'ok'});

  //post request
  serv.post('/post', [
    (ServRequest req, ServResponse res) async {
      return res.status(200).json(req.body);

  //create server connection
  serv.listen(4000, callback: () {
    print('Listening on port: ${4000}');

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Fork the repo, clone and raise your pull requests against the dev branch, We look forward to your your commits! 😀