A class to intermediate returns from services with two types of possible returns, like either from Dartz, but with a more specific and simple aproach.

Example in Service:

Future<Result<UserModel>> getUserData (String userID)async{
        final response = await http.get(url+userID);
        return Result<UserModel>(data: UserMode.fromJson(,);
    } catch(e){
        return Result(error: ErrorResult(message: "User data not avaible"),);

Example in use (normaly in Controller)

getUserData (String userID)async{
    Result<UserModel> result = await UsersService().getUserData(userID);
        onSuccess: (data){
            loggedUser = data;
            //navigate to home or other actions
        onError: (error){
            //function to show the error, take the user to register ou logOut

**The class bring others methods to shortcut frequently actions: successWithWarning(onSuccess) to call only a function on success and show a error on error; showErrorDialog(context) to show a dialog of error;

Getting Started

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