SentryStacktrace class


SentryStacktrace({List<SentryStacktraceFrame> frames, List<int> framesOmitted})


frames List<SentryStacktraceFrame>
A stacktrace contains a list of frames, each with various bits (most optional) describing the context of that frame. Frames should be sorted from oldest to newest.
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framesOmitted List<int>
Additionally, if the list of frames is large, you can explicitly tell the system that you’ve omitted a range of frames. The frames_omitted must be a single tuple two values: start and end. For example, if you only removed the 8th frame, the value would be (8, 9), meaning it started at the 8th frame, and went until the 9th (the number of frames omitted is end-start). The values should be based on a one-index.
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