A Flutter package for an Circle that can be Selected with animation.

How to use

    width: 80.0,
    onSelected: () {
    setState(() {
        _isSelected = !_isSelected;
    child: Icon(,



    /// the width and height of the CircleWidget
final double width;

/// is called when the circle is tapped
final VoidCallback onSelected;

/// child displayed on top of the circle
final Widget child;

/// widget should be displayed as selected
final bool isSelected;

/// Color of the circle
final Color color;

/// borderColor of the circle
final Color borderColor;

/// Color of the circle when selected
final Color selectedColor;

/// Color of the border when selected
final Color selectedBorderColor;

/// widget that is displayed below the Circle for descriptions
final Widget bottomDescription;

/// changes the select animation
/// Possible Values:
/// simple: no animation, only selectedColor is used
/// animatedCircle: Animation is used (default)
/// check: Check Icon Animation is used
final SelectMode selectMode;