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This is a simple information retrieval engine for the package database.

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

How it works


SearchableDatabase wraps any other Database and intercepts search requests that contain one or more KeywordFilter instances.

The current implementation then simply visits every document in the collection and calculates score for each document. This is very inefficient strategy for large collections / many concurrent requests. However, for typical mobile and web applications, this is fine!


In the preprocessing step, we simplify both the keyword and the inputs.

The following transformations are done:

  • String is converted to lowercase.
    • "John" --> " john "
  • Some extended Latin characters are replaced with simpler characters.
    • "Élysée" --> " elysee "
  • Some suffixes are removed.
    • "Joe's coffee" --> " joe coffee "
  • Multiple whitespace characters are replaced with a single space.
    • "hello,\n world" --> " hello world "


The document scoring algorithm is very basic.

The high-level idea is to raise score for:

  • More matches
  • Sequential matches
  • Matches of non-preprocessed strings


Getting started

In pubspec.yaml:

  database: any
  search: any

In lib/main.dart:

import 'package:database/database.dart';
import 'package:search/search.dart';

void main() {
  final database = SearchableDatabase(
    master: MemoryDatabaseAdapter(),
  final collection = database.collection('employee');
  final result = await
    query: Query.parse(
      '(Hello OR Hi) world!',
      skip: 0,
      take: 10,


A small in-memory text search engine for developers for use package database.