writeTxt function

Future<void> writeTxt(
  1. String text,
  2. String fileName,
  3. {Encoding encoding = utf8,
  4. FileMode mode = FileMode.write}

Write a string in a TXT file text : the string that will be written in the file fileName : file name or path of the file baseDir : optional, base directory to the file, if not informed, get current script path. encoding : optional, the encoding of the file, default is utf8 mode : optional, the mode how the program will write the file:

  • FileMode.write: truncates the file to length zero, default.
  • FileMode.append: sets the initial write position to the end of the file. Examples

var data = "some information \nto save in the file"; await writeTxt(data, 'some_text.txt');


Future<void> writeTxt(String text, String fileName,
    {Encoding encoding = utf8, FileMode mode = FileMode.write}) async {
  var file = await File(retrieveFilePath(fileName)).create(recursive: true);
  var sink = file.openWrite(encoding: encoding, mode: mode);


  await sink.close();