samsung library Null safety

Samsung class

Instantiate this class to monitor and control Samsung TVs.

Known Issues:

  1. I have found no way to determine the current source/input on the TV (e.g. HDMI1, HDMI2, ...).
  2. The KEY_HDMI1, KEY_HDMI2, KEY_HDMI3, KEY_HDMI4 keys do not select the expected HDMI input. However, KEY_HDMI does cycle through the HDMI inputs, as well as TV+ (on my TV).
  3. HDMI selection might be doable using a sequence of keys (home, then right, then right...).
  4. Only supports the newer TVs that support WebSocket API.
  5. Power state is checked by trying to http get to a known open port on then TVs. If there's a HOSTUNREACH or timeout error, the TV is off.