Playback enum

Playback tell the controller of the animation what to do.

  • @Deprecated('See migration guide:')


LOOP → const Playback

Animation will play forwards and start over at the beginning when it reaches the end.

const Playback(5)
MIRROR → const Playback

Animation will play forward until the end and will reverse playing until it reaches the beginning. Then it starts over playing forward. And so on.

const Playback(6)
PAUSE → const Playback

Animation stands still.

const Playback(0)
PLAY_FORWARD → const Playback

Animation plays forwards and stops at the end.

const Playback(1)
PLAY_REVERSE → const Playback

Animation plays backwards and stops at the beginning.

const Playback(2)
START_OVER_FORWARD → const Playback

Animation will reset to the beginning and start playing forward.

const Playback(3)
START_OVER_REVERSE → const Playback

Animation will reset to the end and start play backward.

const Playback(4)
values → const List<Playback>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<Playback>


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index int

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