This project is part of the Simple Animations Framework

🍹 Liquid

Liquid provides beautiful visual animations that increases the visual quality of your Flutter application.

🌞 Highlights

  • Liquid Studio for a simple animation creation and discovery
  • Use as animations or static backgrounds

⛏ Usage

🛈 The following code snippets use supercharged for syntactic sugar.

Getting started

Add Simple Animations to your project by following the instructions on the install page.

To learn how to use Liquid:

  • Continue reading this page
  • Explore and create Liquid animations with Liquid Studio


Plasma is a Widget that creates an animation with moving particles that generates a smooth liquid effect. It can be configured in many styles.

You can also use a non-animating variant to generate a fancy background image. Therefor set speed to 0.0 and choose nice position by tuning the offset.


Use the Plasma creator in Liquid Studio to create an animation.

Hit the Generate code button and copy the code into your Flutter app.