store_ds library


CommandError wraps an occurring error together with the argument that was passed when the command was called. This sort of objects are emitted on the .thrownExceptions ValueListenable of the Command
CommandResult<TParam, TResult>
Combined execution state of an RxCommand Will be issued for any state change of any of the fields During normal command execution you will get this items listening at the command's .results observable. [...]
MockCommand<TParam, TResult>
MockCommand allows you to easily mock an RxCommand for your Unit and UI tests Mocking a command with mockito has its limitations.
RxCommand<TParam, TResult>
RxCommand capsules a given handler function that can then be executed by its execute method. The result of this method is then published through its Observable (Observable wrap Dart Streams) Additionally it offers Observables for it's current execution state, if the command can be executed and for all possibly thrown exceptions during command execution. [...]
RxCommandAsync<TParam, TResult>
RxCommandListener<TParam, TResult>
RxCommandStream<TParam, TResult>
RxCommandSync<TParam, TResult>
Implementation of RxCommand to handle async handler functions. Normally you will not instantiate this directly but use one of the factory methods of RxCommand.


currentStore String
read / write
rxstore Map<String, RxStoreData>
store Map<String, Map<String, dynamic>>


clearStore([String storeName]) Map<String, dynamic>
createLogList(String storeName, Map<String, dynamic> store) List<String>
createLogStringList(Map<String, dynamic> store) List<String>
insertAtEnds(List<String> ls, String begin, String end) List<String>
listenTo<P, R>(String key, RxCommand<P, R> command, [String storeName]) RxCommand<P, R>
listToString(List<String> ls) String
logCompleteStore() → void
logRxStore([String storeName]) → void
logStore([String storeName]) → void
main(List<String> args) → dynamic
pad(List<String> ls, String pad) List<String>
removeStore([String storeName]) Map<String, dynamic>
save(String key, dynamic value) → void
saveIfNull(String key, dynamic value) → void
saveIfNullMultiple(Map<String, dynamic> pairs) → void
saveMultiple(Map<String, dynamic> pairs) → void
serve<E>(String key, [dynamic defaultvalue]) → E
serveFromRx<P, R>(String key, [RxCommand<P, R> command]) RxCommand<P, R>
serveStore([String storeName]) Map<String, dynamic>
useRootStore() → void
useStore(String storeName) → void


Action = void Function()
Action1<TParam> = void Function(TParam param)
AsyncAction = Future Function()
AsyncAction1<TParam> = Future Function(TParam param)
AsyncFunc<TResult> = Future<TResult> Function()
AsyncFunc1<TParam, TResult> = Future<TResult> Function(TParam param)
Func<TResult> = TResult Function()
Func1<TParam, TResult> = TResult Function(TParam param)
StreamProvider<TParam, TResult> = Stream<TResult> Function(TParam param)