Rx Bloc CLI

Rx Bloc Command Line Interface helps you creating fully functional and feature-rich projects in just a moment. It comes with pre-generated features (such as flavors, app localization, etc) so you can start working on your project right away.


$ dart pub global activate rx_bloc_cli


$ rx_bloc_cli create

Create command

Create a new project at the given directory with lots of already set-up features out of the box. Customize your project with the following properties:

parameter defaults to description
--project-name Name of directory where the project resides The project name for this new Flutter project. This must be a valid dart package name.
--org com.example The organisation name
--include-analytics true Enables Firebase analytics for the project
--http-client dio Use Http client configuration for the project

What's Included? 📦

Out of the box, a Rx Bloc CLI created projects includes:

Cross Platform Support - Built-in support for Android, iOS and Web

Build Flavors - Support for multiple flavors (development, staging and production)

Internationalization Support - Support multiple languages in your app just by adding translations and let the generator do the job for you

Sound Null-Safety - With sound null safety support, protect your app from null-dereference exceptions at runtime

rx_bloc - Integrated RxBlocs that help separate business logic from the presentation of the data in a clean, scalable and testable manner

Design system - A single place where you can define all your colors, typography, assets and more. Your app's Light and Dark mode are already configured

Testing - With Unit and Golden Tests you know your app is working as intended

Static analysis - Strict Lint rules which are used to write quality code

Analytics - (Optional) Firebase analytics that keep track of how your app is used

Push notifications - Receive push notifications and messages to your device using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Http client - Make API calls, download files, send form data and more using a built-in Http client

$ rx_bloc_cli --help

See the complete list of commands and usage information.

Rx Bloc Command Line Interface

Usage: rx_bloc_cli <command> [arguments]

Global options:
-h, --help       Print this usage information.
-v, --version    Print the current version.

Available commands:
  create   Creates a new project in the specified directory.

Run "rx_bloc_cli help <command>" for more information about a command.


Rx Bloc Command Line Interface