wTCX library


addAttribute(String tag, String attribute, String value, String content) String
create XML attribute from content string
addElement(String tag, String content) String
create XML element from content string
addExtension(String tag, double value) String
Add an extension like [...]
addHeartRate(int heartRate) String
Add heartRate in TCX file to look like [...]
addPosition(String latitude, String longitude) String
create a position something like 43.14029800705612 5.771340150386095
addTrackPoint(TrackPoint point) String
Generate a string that will include all the tags corresponding to TCX trackpoint [...]
createTimestamp(DateTime dateTime) String
Create timestamp for [...]
writeTCX(TCXModel tcxInfos, String filename) Future<void>
from a TCX Model Store the TCX file in genera TODO: Add return code