name: rw_tcx

description: A simple package to read and write TCX file using Dart With this package it is possible to extract track points for a TCX file or write a valid TCX file from an array of track points

Getting Started

It is a Dart only package, Flutter is not needed

How to install

Check on to see how to install this package

How to use it

There are only 2 APIs

  • readTCX
  • writeTCX


There is a complete example showing how to use readTCX and writeTCX For readTCX, the sample2.tcx stored in assets is coming from Garmin Connect export For writeTCX, the generated TCX file is sent to Google Drive in addition to be uploaded to Strava

To check your TCX file

There is a nice online tool to get a detailed explanation of what is wrong in your TCX file

Tested on:

So far only on Android 8.0 for the moment

Contributors welcome!

If you spot a problem/bug or if you consider that the code could be better please post a new issue. I have developed this package to be able to upload a TCX to Strava so rTCX.dart is very basic. Feel free to contribute to add more features.


rw_tcx is provided under a MIT License. Copyright (c) 2019 Patrick FINKELSTEIN