A flutter plugin for Tablet Alps ax6737 to read UHF Cards.

Library Pub link


Getting Started

In your Gradle exclude Flutter so files because libary is working in 32bit mode
Only use release apk because running from IDE will not exclude 64bit files
`packagingOptions {
    exclude 'lib/arm64-v8a/libflutter.so'
    exclude 'lib/arm64-v8a/libapp.so'
  • Import the library: import 'package:uhf_rt510_plugin/uhf_rt510_plugin.dart';

  • Open connection to the UHF reader

    await UhfPlugin.connect

  • Check if is the reader connected

    await UhfPlugin.isConnected;

  • Start reading data

    await UhfPlugin.start;

  • Is started reading

    await UhfPlugin.isStarted;

  • Stop Reading

    await UhfPlugin.stop;

  • Close the connection

    await UhfPlugin.close;

  • Clear cached data for the reader

    await UhfPlugin.clearData;

  • Is Empty Tags

    await UhfPlugin.isEmptyTags;

  • Listen to connection status

    UhfPlugin.connectedStatusStream.receiveBroadcastStream().listen(updateIsConnected); updateIsConnected should listen to bool value

  • Listen to tags status


        List<TagEpc> _data = [];
        void updateTags(dynamic result) {
         setState(() {
             _data = TagEpc.parseTags(result);