Rethinkdb class




add → dynamic
and → dynamic
computes logical 'and' of two or more values
april RqlTimeName
read / write
august RqlTimeName
read / write
branch → dynamic
If the test expression returns false or null, the falseBranch will be executed. In the other cases, the trueBranch is the one that will be evaluated.
count Map
Count the total size of the group.
read / write
december RqlTimeName
read / write
div → dynamic
eq → dynamic
february RqlTimeName
read / write
friday RqlTimeName
read / write
ge → dynamic
gt → dynamic
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
january RqlTimeName
read / write
july RqlTimeName
read / write
june RqlTimeName
read / write
le → dynamic
line → dynamic
Construct a geometric line
lt → dynamic
map → dynamic
Executes the mappingFunction for each item in a sequence or array and returns the transformed array. multiple sequences and arrays may be passed
march RqlTimeName
read / write
maxval RqlConstant
read / write
may RqlTimeName
read / write
minval RqlConstant
read / write
monday RqlTimeName
read / write
mul → dynamic
ne → dynamic
november RqlTimeName
read / write
object → dynamic
Adds fields to an object
october RqlTimeName
read / write
or → dynamic
computes logical 'or' of two or more values
polygon → dynamic
Construct a geometric polygon
row ImplicitVar
Returns the currently visited document.
read / write
rqlDo → dynamic
Evaluate the expr in the context of one or more value bindings. The type of the result is the type of the value returned from expr.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
saturday RqlTimeName
read / write
september RqlTimeName
read / write
sub → dynamic
sunday RqlTimeName
read / write
thursday RqlTimeName
read / write
tuesday RqlTimeName
read / write
wednesday RqlTimeName
read / write


args(dynamic args) Args
Acts like the ruby splat operator; unpacks a list of arguments.
asc(String attr) Asc
Specify ascending order on an attribute
avg(String attr) Map
Compute the average value of the given attribute for the group.
binary(dynamic data) Binary
Encapsulate binary data within a query.
circle(dynamic point, num radius, [Map options]) Circle
Construct a circular line or polygon.
connect({String db: 'test', String host: "localhost", int port: 28015, String user: "admin", String password: "", Map ssl}) Future<Connection>
Create a new connection to the database server. Accepts the following options: host: the host to connect to (default localhost). port: the port to connect on (default 28015). db: the default database (defaults to test). user: the user name for the db (defaults to admin). password: password for the user (default "").
db(String dbName) DB
Reference a database.This command can be chained with other commands to do further processing on the data.
dbCreate(String dbName) DbCreate
Create a database. A RethinkDB database is a collection of tables, similar to relational databases. If successful, the operation returns an object: {created: 1}. If a database with the same name already exists the operation throws RqlRuntimeError. Note: that you can only use alphanumeric characters and underscores for the database name.
dbDrop(String dbName) DbDrop
Drop a database. The database, all its tables, and corresponding data will be deleted. If successful, the operation returns the object {dropped: 1}. If the specified database doesn't exist a RqlRuntimeError is thrown.
dbList() DbList
List all database names in the system. The result is a list of strings.
desc(String attr) Desc
Specify descending order on an attribute
distance(dynamic geo1, dynamic geo2, [Map options]) Distance
Compute the distance between a point and a geometry object
epochTime(int eptime) EpochTime
Create a time object based on seconds since epoch. The first argument is a double and will be rounded to three decimal places (millisecond-precision).
error(String message) UserError
Throw a runtime error. If called with no arguments inside the second argument to default, re-throw the current error.
expr(dynamic val) → dynamic
Convert native dart object into a RqlObject
geojson(Map geoJson) GeoJson
Convert a GeoJSON object to a ReQL geometry object.
http(dynamic url, [dynamic optargs]) Http
Returns data from a specified http url
ISO8601(String stringTime, [dynamic defaultTimeZone = "Z"]) RqlISO8601
Create a time object based on an iso8601 date-time string (e.g. '2013-01-01T01:01:01+00:00'). We support all valid ISO 8601 formats except for week dates. If you pass an ISO 8601 date-time without a time zone, you must specify the time zone with the optarg default_timezone.
js(String js, [Map options]) JavaScript
Create a javascript expression.
json(String json) Json
Parse a JSON string on the server.
literal(dynamic args) Literal
Replace an object in a field instead of merging it with an existing object in a merge or update operation.
nativeTime(DateTime val) Time
Create a time object from a Dart DateTime object.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
not([dynamic value]) Not
Returns logical inverse of the arguments given
now() Now
Return a time object representing the current time in UTC. The command now() is computed once when the server receives the query, so multiple instances of will always return the same time inside a query.
point(num long, num lat) Point
Construct a geometric point
random([dynamic left, dynamic right, dynamic options]) Random
Generates a random number between two bounds
range([dynamic start, dynamic end]) Range
Returns a rang bewteen the start and end values. If no start or end are specified, an 'infinite' stream will be returned.
sum(String attr) Map
Compute the sum of the given field in the group.
table(String tableName, [Map options]) Table
Select all documents in a table. This command can be chained with other commands to do further processing on the data.
tableCreate(String tableName, [Map options]) TableCreate
Create a table. A RethinkDB table is a collection of JSON documents. If successful, the operation returns an object: {created: 1}. If a table with the same name already exists, the operation throws RqlRuntimeError. Note: that you can only use alphanumeric characters and underscores for the table name.
tableDrop(String tableName, [Map options]) TableDrop
Drop a table. The table and all its data will be deleted.
tableList() TableList
List all table names in a database. The result is a list of strings.
time(int year, int month, int day, {String timezone: 'Z', int hour, int minute, num second}) Time
Create a time object for a specific time.
toString() String
Returns a string representation of this object.
uuid([dynamic str]) Uuid


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator. [...]