RESX to JSON converter.

While migration from Xamarin Forms to Flutter, you'd probably want to convert your localization files to json. This package is the perfect tool for it.

Note: For different extensions (like .arb) change the extension option in your pubspec.yaml file. See Usage


You don't have to add any dependency to your project. Just activate resx_to_json globally:

pub global activate resx_to_json


  1. Add a new section resx_to_json to your pubspec.yaml file.

An example with all options:

  # The directory containing resx files. The path can be relative or absolute.
  source: C:\Users\Mazlum\source\repos\_MergeSoft\AsoGotin\AsoGotin\Properties
  # The directory where the generated json files will be saved in. The path can be relative or absolute.
  destination: assets/localization/

  # Indicates whether the keys in json files should be sorted alphabetically. (Optional, default: true)
  sort: true

  # The extension for the generated json files. For example `arb`. (Optional, default: 'json')
  extension: json

  # Regex patterns for renaming resx files. (Optional)
  # Notice that the search is case-sensitive
  # <regex_pattern> => <replacement> 
    - Resources\.resx => en.json
    - Resources\.([a-z]+)\.resx => $1.json # $1 is the 1. match group. e.g. is renamed to de.json
  1. Run this command inside your flutter project root.
pub global run resx_to_json