A new Flutter package for android ,ios which help users toy make the ui more responsive.


How To Use It

  • you can see the example


  • and add the dependencies to your file.
/// i have make that's class you will wrap your widget with "ResponsiveUi" class which he cant tack parameter 
/// it is type is widget and make instance from Device Size  its name is size///  it will give me type of widget size 
class MyClass extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(body: 
    ResponsiveUi(builder: (context, size)=> /// that is my class i wrap my widget with it 
    ListView(children: [
/// and you can  mange  the size in your widget with replace the 
/// size.screenWidth or ech like that by  size.screenWidth or size.screenHeight
///and you can replace 
      Text('your screen size width',style: TextStyle(fontSize: size.screenWidth)),
      Text('your screen size hight',style: TextStyle(fontSize: size.screenHeight)),
      Text('title',style: TextStyle(fontSize: size.titleText)),///titleText
      Text('subTitle',style: TextStyle(fontSize: size.normalText))///normal

      ,Icon(Icons.error,size: size.normalIconSize)/// normal iconSize;
      ,Icon(Icons.error,size: size.mediumIconSize,)///medium iconSize;
      ,Icon(Icons.error,size: size.bigIconSize,)///big iconSize;
      Container(height:size.normalButton,child: RaisedButton(onPressed: (){},child: Text("Normal Button",)))///normalButton
      ,SizedBox(height: 15,)
      ,  Container(height:size.largeButton,child: RaisedButton(onPressed: (){},child: Text("Large Button",)))///largeButton

      ,Image(image: AssetImage("assets/images/userImage.png"),height:size.largeImage ,),///large image,
      Image(image: AssetImage("assets/images/userImage.png"),height:size.mediumImage ,),///medium image,
      Image(image: AssetImage("assets/images/userImage.png"),height:size.smallImage  ,),///small image,

      SizedBox(height: 19,)
    ],) ,));

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