RPResultPredicate class Null safety

This class examines a prediction and communicates its result to an RPStepNavigationRule.

It checks whether the expectedValue is identical to the result's value. It digs down the result hierarchy with the help of RPResultSelector.


RPResultPredicate.forBooleanQuestionResult({required RPResultSelector resultSelector, required bool expectedValue})
Result predicate for the boolean answer format RPBooleanAnswerFormat. The expectedValue here should be a boolean.
RPResultPredicate.forChoiceQuestionResult({required RPResultSelector resultSelector, required List<int> expectedValue, required ChoiceQuestionResultPredicateMode choiceQuestionResultPredicateMode})
Result predicate for choice question types. The expectedValue here should correspond to the value of an RPChoice object.


expectedValue ↔ dynamic
read / write
getPredictionResult bool Function()
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choiceValuePredictionResult() bool
directPredictionResult() bool
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