Flutter widget to manage an image button UI from a JSON definition

This is a Remote UI plugin.


Add the factory to the RemoteManagerWidget:

    parsers: [RemoteImageButtonFactory()],
    child: RemoteWidget(...)

RemoteImageButtonFactory can take a base url provider function, in case you definition contains only /image/on.jpg the base url will be taken from the provider

Then you can provide a JSON representation of a color picker like this:

    'type': 'image_button',
    'id': 'myButton',
    'value': 'on',
    'values': {
      'on': '',
      'off': '',


Image button:

id : id of the widget value : current value, it has to match one of the values entries width : width of the button height: height of the button fit: fit, default to contain (1), see BoxFit for more padding: padding of the button, see EdgeInsets definition values: map of possible value