register library


Given an id (all lower case string of words separated by '_')...
Register-like object with special overrides for snake, emacs, camel, capCamel and capSnake which end in unserscore (or hyphen for emacs). The purpose is to support special terms that conflict with keywords in target languages (e.g. String -> String_)


capSubstringToCamel(String s) String
Given a camel case word s with all cap abbreviations embedded, converts the abbreviations to camel. [...]
getOrCreateRegister(Object id) Register
Creates an Register when passed String, returns the Register when passed an Register
idFromString(String text) Register
Create an Register from text [...]
idFromWords(String words) Register
Create an Register from a sentence like string of white-space delimited words [...]
idTrailingUnderscore(Object id) Register
Create a RegisterTrailingUnderscore