sendInvokeStaticMethod method Null safety

Future<Object?> sendInvokeStaticMethod(
  1. String channelName,
  2. String methodName,
  3. List<Object?> arguments

Invoke static method methodName on type channel of channelName.

Also sends a message to another TypeChannelMessenger to invoke a static method on the TypeChannelHandler registered to TypeChannel with name: name. See TypeChannelMessenger.registerHandler.


Future<Object?> sendInvokeStaticMethod(
  String channelName,
  String methodName,
  List<Object?> arguments,
) async {
  final Object? result = await messageDispatcher.sendInvokeStaticMethod(
    converter.convertInstances(instanceManager, arguments)! as List<Object?>,

  return converter.convertPairedInstances(instanceManager, result);