Redux middleware for calling APIs.

The apiMiddleware intercepts and calls Redux Standard API-calling Actions (RSAAs), and dispatches Flux Standard Actions (FSAs) to the next middleware.

Redux Standard API-calling Actions

The definition of a Redux Standard API-calling Action below is the one used to validate RSAA actions.

  • actions that are not instances of RSAA will be passed to the next middleware without any modifications;
  • actions that are instancesof RSAA that fail validation will result in an error request FSA.

A Redux Standard API-calling Action MUST

  • be a RSAA instance,

Flux Standard Actions

For convenience, we recall here the definition of a Flux Standard Action.

An action MUST

  • be a RSAA instance,
  • have a type property.

An action MAY

  • have an error property,
  • have a payload property,
  • have a meta property.


This lib is redux-api-middleware library simply adapted to Dart.