redurx_persist_flutter pub package

Flutter Storage Engine for redurx_persist.

Can either save to shared_preferences (default, recommended), or your application document directory.


final persistor = Persistor<State>(
  // ...
  storage: FlutterStorage(),

It is recommended to load initial state before calling runApp to let Flutter show the slash screen until we are ready to render.


By default, it saves to FlutterSaveLocation.documentFile (application document directory, recommended).

You can also save to your shared preferences by using FlutterSaveLocation.sharedPreferences:

// Use shared preferences
FlutterStorage(location: FlutterSaveLocation.sharedPreferences);
// Use document file
FlutterStorage(location: FlutterSaveLocation.documentFile);


You can pass a key argument to FlutterStorage to provide a key for the file name (document file) or the shared preference key.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.